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Sheri Denowski

Josh Meissner

Vice President

Youth Group Leader, Jamie Gilbertson ​has been a member of Grace all her life. She is currently pursuing a teaching degree in Agriculture but her biggest adventure was going on a mission trip to Kenya this summer.

Randy Schier

Breanna Vandehey


Pastor, Tim Hinrichshas served at Grace since 2018. He and his wife, Renata have one son, Peter who is in college. They lived for many years in Mankato, MN and before that were missionaries in Poland, Renata's homeland.

Marlene Broeske


Council Members

Mike Lawyer


Mary Gilbertson

Jim Good

Ezra Schier

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The GLC Staff

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Office Manager, Karla DeLeske started at Grace in 2006. Karla and her husband Darrel have two married sons and seven grandchildren.