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Our Mission Statement and Core Beliefs

Grace Lutheran Church is a member of 

Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ.


We're on a Mission - Come Join Us!

On a mission to commit our lives to Christ...

On a mission to grow in our faith...

On a mission to reach ​out to others...

"We're on a Mission"

Our Core Beliefs

  • Grace Alone: We believe that we are saved by God's grace alone and not by anything we can do. Even though we sin and fall short of God's glory, God has been gracious to us, loves us, and has had mercy on us in Jesus.
  • Faith Alone: God, in his grace, promises us new life and salvation. We respond to these promises in faith, trusting and believing that God's promises are for us! In faith alone, we cling to the promises we have from God in Jesus Christ.
  • Scripture Alone: We believe that the Bible is the Living Word of God. The Old and New Testaments of the Bible are inspired by God and God continues to speak to us today through the Bible. The Bible alone is our ultimate source and guide for what we believe and how we live our lives.
  • Christ Alone: We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who was born of the virgin Mary, lived on earth, suffered, and died on the cross for our sins. We believe that God raised Jesus from the dead and in Jesus alone are put in a right relationship with God. We believe that Jesus will come again to take us to be with him forever.


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