Heather Stichert, Director

     Heather is a graduate of Marshfield High School and received her teacher certification through Mid-State          Technical College. She began working at GLCCC in November of 2013. She truly enjoys creating a bond          with the children. Helping them learn and grow is very rewarding! 

4K Program

  • The mission of the Marshfield 4K program is to provide every child with a foundation to become a successful learner through school, family and community partnerships in safe, caring and enriching environments.

  • The district's belief is that the program is designed as a one year preschool experience for children to attend in the year prior to their enrollment in general kindergarten.

Please contact Heather Stichert, the center Director, if you have with any questions about the 4K program or any of the services offered.  715-676-2213 or glccc@tds.net

The mission of Grace Lutheran Child Care Center is to provide a safe haven and nurturing

Christian environment for children of the community who need day care and/or after-school care. Doing so will additionally benefit their parents with peace of mind about the care, safety and development of their children during the parental absence.

Melissa Fellenz, 4K Teacher

     Melissa also works in the wrap around care and school age room when not teaching 4K. Melissa attended              Carthage College in Kenosha and majored in Elementary Education. Melissa also went to UW Stevens Point        where she received her add-on certification in Early Childhood.

Nicole Frederiksen, Assistant Teacher

     Nicole is an assistant teacher at Grace Lutheran Child Care Center.

We accept children from 1 month to 12 years of age.
GLCCC is licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families.

We participate in Youngstar (WI Child Care Rating Program).  Learn more.
All State and Center regulations and policies are available in the center office.

   Why choose Grace Lutheran Child Care Center?

  • It is an educational based program accepting children for full and part-time needs.
  • We offer the Marshfield School District certified 4K Program.
  • We accept state childcare assistance.
  • We have great staff who are always concerned about your child's needs!!

Katie Horn, 3s teacher

       Katie is a 3s teacher at Grace Lutheran Child Care Center.



Hours: 6 a.m. to 6 p. m.

Monday through Friday

Phone: 715-676-2213

Email:  glccc@tds.net

Courtney Horn, 2s Teacher

     Courtney graduated from Marshfield High School in 2010. Courtney has her certification in Infant and              Toddler with ‚ÄčAssistant and Lead Teacher. She has been working at GLCCC since June of 2011. The best            part about her job is watching the children learn and grow throughout the years at our center.


‚ÄčAlicia Kelnhofer, Assistant Director

     Alicia has been working at GLCCC for the past 7 years. Alicia graduated with a degree in Early Childhood            Education in 2008. She loves being able to watch the children grow and learn through what they do on a daily

     basis here at our center.

Annette Krause, 3s Teacher

    Annette is a 3s teacher at Grace Lutheran Child Care Center.

Jordan Horn, Teacher

Katheryn Ascher-Teacher

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Toni, Meyer 4K Assistant Teacher

   Toni is our 4k assistant teacher at Grace Lutheran Child Care Center.